Yoga is the process of stilling the mind and then separating the Ego from the True Self

We see Yoga as a movement towards the Self. So although what we do, appears largely to be on the physical plane, it is a is conditioning and focusing us on the inward path.

We are teaching two different styles of Yoga. Felicity teaches "Astanga Yoga" as she trained with Patabhi Jois in  Mysore. Actually Felicity visited Iyengar with Bryan in 2012 so she now has a bit of the Iyengar tradition too. She also Trained with Anna Prior in Sydney in the 1990s.

Bryan teaches in the Iyengar tradition as he trained with Iyengar in Pune and with Iyengar's students in New Zealand and Australia. He has also been training with the Mohans in Chenai, Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand

Felicity is teaching at the Dance of Life studio and Fitness24Hours in Fitzroy (see timetable for details and times) and also at the Coburg Chiropractic and Natural Therapies. She is also available for private classes and private groups. Please ring Felicity for details.

Bryan is teaching at the Dance of Life Studio Fitzroy.  He is also available for private lessons or group classes.

Both Felicity and Bryan are also running classes from Local Yoga at 354 St Georges Road Thornbury. 

Please see Timetable  for when Bryan and Felicity teach or contact us for details.


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